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How to choose the right travel suitcase?

Jak wybrać odpowiednią walizkę podróżną?

Traveling is not only about discovering new places, but also about the subtle art of packing. The perfect suitcase is one that harmoniously combines functionality, comfort and style, becoming an irreplaceable companion on our trips. In this article, we will tell you what to pay attention to when choosing a suitcase and how to choose a model that will be perfect for your trip.

What parameters should you take into account when choosing a suitcase?

  1. Size counts.

    • Short trip (1-3 days) : A cabin suitcase, usually with a capacity of up to 40 liters, is the perfect choice for short trips, for example a city break or a spa weekend. It is perfect as hand luggage on the plane, offering enough space for several days full of activity. Remember to pay attention to dimensions that comply with airline regulations to avoid additional fees.
    • Medium trip (4-7 days) : Medium-sized suitcases, with a capacity of 50 to 70 liters, will accommodate more clothes and accessories, perfect for a week-long vacation. These types of suitcases offer space for several pairs of shoes, a change of clothes and cosmetics, as well as additional compartments for electronics.
    • Longer trip (over 7 days) : Large suitcases with a capacity of over 70 liters will be suitable for longer trips when you need to take more things. Such suitcases can accommodate larger amounts of clothing, accessories for various activities and travel souvenirs, often equipped with compression straps to keep things tidy inside.
  2. Suitcase weight. Light suitcases are the key to comfort, especially when you have to move often during trips. When choosing a suitcase, pay attention to its weight so that when loaded it does not exceed airline baggage limits. Models made of light but durable materials, such as polycarbonate or ABS, offer excellent protective properties with minimal weight. Thanks to them, you can pack more things without worrying about exceeding the weight limit. An ideal solution among light, durable suitcases is, for example, the Air line from the German brand Horizn Studios .

  3. Material.

    • Hard shell : Suitcases made of polycarbonate or ABS are durable and resistant to damage, making them ideal for air travel. Hard suitcases effectively protect the contents against impacts and falls, and their flexibility makes them return to their original shape after pressure.
    • Soft coating : Fabric suitcases are flexible and often lighter, which makes them easier to fit into car trunks. Soft suitcases usually have extra external pockets to make it easier to access what you need while traveling, and flexibility in terms of capacity, which allows you to pack more items.
  4. Wheels and handles. Suitcases with four wheels provide greater stability and ease of maneuvering and are currently the market standard. Wheels made of rubber or polyurethane are quieter and more wear-resistant than plastic counterparts, and their 360-degree rotation makes it easier to move the suitcase in different directions. Make sure the handles are comfortable, sturdy and telescopic for comfort of use.

  5. Pockets and compartments. Additional pockets and compartments make it easier to organize your luggage. Internal mesh pockets help organize smaller items such as electronic accessories, travel documents or cosmetics. Compartments for shoes and laundry ensure hygiene by separating them from the rest of the luggage. External pockets allow for quick access to handy items.

  6. TSA lock. A TSA lock keeps your belongings safe, especially when traveling to the US, where baggage checks are more stringent. TSA locks, approved by the U.S. Transportation Security Administration, allow customs officials to open your suitcase without damaging it. This gives travelers peace of mind that their luggage is safe and protected from theft, while meeting security requirements.

  7. Waterproof. Waterproof suitcases are an excellent choice for traveling to places with changeable weather. Materials such as PVC, TPU or special coated fabrics provide protection against water, and sealed zippers additionally protect the contents of the suitcase against moisture.

  8. Warranty and after-sales service. Check whether the manufacturer offers a warranty and easily accessible after-sales service. Reputable brands often offer multi-year warranties that cover various types of damage, giving travelers peace of mind that their investment is protected. Access to easy after-sales service and technical support is also an important factor to consider when choosing a suitcase. Brands such as Horizn Studios are trusted and offer a lifetime warranty on their suitcases.

How to choose a suitcase for the type of trip?

    • Business trip: Choose an elegant cabin suitcase that will accommodate a laptop, documents and a few changes of clothes. Models with an additional USB port are a big plus for business travelers, and external pockets for documents and electronics make it easier to get through airport security checks. Remember to equip your suitcase with practical organizers that will provide easy access to documents, electronics, cables and an extra shirt.
    • Family holidays: A larger suitcase will work in this case. Models with a durable and waterproof coating are perfect for holidays in various weather conditions. The suitcase should have compartments for clothes for different family members and additional pockets for accessories, which makes it easier to organize your luggage.
    • Adventure travel: Choose a durable suitcase that can withstand the rigors of travel. Models with increased resistance to damage will be suitable for such expeditions. Suitcases with reinforced corners, thick locks and solid wheels will be perfect for traveling in difficult conditions. You should also consider suitcases with built-in compression straps to keep contents in place even during intense movement.

Don't forget about the equipment!

    • TSA lock: keeps your luggage safe even during customs inspection.
    • Waterproof: Waterproof suitcases are crucial when traveling to places with changeable weather.
    • USB Port: Suitcases with a built-in USB port allow you to charge your mobile devices on the go, which is practical and convenient.
    • Pockets and compartments: additional pockets and compartments make it easier to organise your luggage. Internal compartments help keep things organized, and external pockets allow for quick access to the most necessary things.

Choose a proven brand!

Horizn Studios offers modern solutions such as USB ports and durable, lightweight materials. These suitcases are perfect for business trips and for people who value modern technologies. They combine functionality with aesthetics, which makes their products both practical and stylish. The innovative Air line is the perfect choice for people who value ease of traveling!

Rains is a brand known for its minimalist design and high-quality workmanship. Their suitcases are not only ultra-stylish, but also extremely durable and resistant to weather conditions, making them the perfect choice for all types of trips. Rains products combine elegance with functionality, and their suitcases are perfect for various travel conditions.


Choosing the perfect suitcase is the key to a successful trip. Remember to match the size to the length of your trip, pay attention to the material and additional functions that will make your life easier while traveling.

You will find the perfect suitcase at - choose a suitcase tailored to your trip and enjoy packing!

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