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modern essentials for conscious travelers

by the ray is a space for those who want to travel in a modern, conscious and beautiful way. You like to be on the move, but not on the run - you observe, discover and absorb the world every day with attention, respect and curiosity. Regardless of whether you travel for pleasure, for business, or maybe you have decided to live the life of a digital nomad, traveling is an integral part of your everyday life. Along the way, you are looking for unique experiences, unique places off the beaten track, authentic flavors and moving stories. Your original style accompanies you and follows you wherever you go.

elevate your on-the-go style

It is for you that we carefully select unique brands and products that combine timeless design, functionality, uncompromising quality and care for the planet. We choose accessories that will become faithful companions on your journey, regardless of its purpose. We make the logistics of packing and traveling easier, make your vacation more enjoyable, wipe away your tears upon your return, and whenever the time comes - we inspire you to go on another trip.

We are travelers , always ready to take that one step further

an extra mile

“Less is more” is our stylistic manifesto and also our commitment to the environment and climate. We work with brands that have the principles of sustainable development in their DNA, shorten supply chains, avoid overproduction and create products that will stand the test of time. At every stage of our operations, we strive to completely eliminate plastic and significantly reduce waste production. We believe that it is worth taking one step more on this journey.

travel state of mind

The by the ray brand is created by two friends - Aneta and Magda - who believe in the principle that traveling and being on the move is a lifestyle - travel state of mind .


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